Public Enemy Number One.

Friends of the internet, I would like to introduce you to my nemesis in my weight loss battle.

This is the snack tray at work – our equivalent of a vending machine. It’s located straight down the hall from my office, in our kitchen/break room. There are little boxes where you can put your money, which are very hard to see in this picture. A company comes about every two weeks to collect the money and re-fill the snack boxes.

And oh, the delicious things that it is filled with! Snickers, Twix bars, Hershey bars with almonds, Twizzlers, M&Ms…all of it delicious – 99% of it unhealthy.

At almost every other place I’ve worked, we’ve had your standard, run-of-the-mill vending machine. Put in your 75 cents, get a Snickers. If you didn’t have change, well…no Snickers for you. Because these vending machines have always called to me with their delicious and fattening treats, I learned that I couldn’t keep change or $1 bills in my wallet. It was too tempting, and could get too expensive for those days when one pack of Twix was just not enough (and it was almost NEVER enough).

And therein lies the reason why this snack tray tortures me so. It doesn’t matter if I have cash or change anymore. I can just grab something from the tray and pay for it later. Of course, you’re not supposed to do that – but its just too easy.

I think I’ve written before about how it’s easier for me to just stay away from something completely than make an attempt at eating it in moderation. I have certain “trigger foods” that I KNOW will just serve as a gateway to a binge. For me, candy (any kind, really) is one of those things. Once I start, it practically takes an act of God to get me to stop.

So, I’ve been trying very hard to just STAY AWAY from the snack tray (Hey! That rhymes!). I was really successful for a long time. Then, earlier this month, I made the grave mistake of thinking I was “cured.” That I could suddenly pick just one item from the snack tray, eat it, and be satisfied.

I was very, very wrong. I am not cured. I will never be cured.

It’s like my aunt. She LOVES Coke (the drink, not the drug, thankyouverymuch). She admitted openly that she was addicted to it. Then, last July, when she started on Weight Watchers, she decided she needed to give up Coke. Forever. She knew that if she drank one, she wouldn’t be able to control herself. She hasn’t had a Coke since then. Even one sip, she said, would probably put her over the edge.

That is what I need to do with the snack tray. I can’t make excuses for why I’m getting something out of it. It doesn’t matter if I only want a bag of pretzels. If I eat that bag of pretzels, I will want something sweet to go along with the salty. Before I know it, I will have grabbed a bag of pretzels and a couple of candy bars and will be chomping away back at my desk. It’s disgusting, really. And it’s terribly embarrassing.

So, I’ve been trying really hard to bring snacks to work. I have a little stash in my desk drawer. Fiber One bars, Kashi bars, Vitatops. I keep Greek yogurt and applesauce in the fridge. I bring a baggie of celery and carrots sticks with me to work every day. Whatever keeps me away from the snack tray.

What are your tactics for avoiding the vending machine?


One Response to “Public Enemy Number One.”

  1. Becca Says:

    We don’t have vending machines at my office (thank god,) but there are two things i know i can’t buy because i can’t control myself around them.

    1. Ice cream. Self explanatory.
    2. Peanut butter. No joke, i think i could just eat trader joes crunchy unsalted peanut butter straight out of a jar until it’s gone. So i can’t buy it. In fact i don’t let myself have anything “peanut butter” related in the house. I only eat it if I’m eating out. Same thing with ice cream.

    There are certain things i just can’t have “in moderation”

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