I had high hopes for my weekend, as evidenced in the post below. However, as per usual, things didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped.

Here are the things that my weekend did NOT consist of:

My friend R and I got to Pittsburgh about 10:30, and our friend T had a veritable feast waiting for us. We went to bed around 2 a.m. and got up around 10. He made breakfast, we showered, and generally pissed about as we tried to figure out what to do. Our friend J, who was driving from California, had some car trouble along the way and was running about a day late and wasn’t going to arrive until the afternoon.

I had really wanted to go to Ikea, where I needed to return a pair of curtains. I figured it was a lot easier to return them while I was in a city with an Ikea rather than having to drive an hour to the one closest to where I live. However, my friend didn’t feel like driving across town, so there was no Ikea for me.

We ended up going to a fancy outdoor shopping center and went into Sur la Table and Urban Outfitters, where I bought this and this to add to my growing collection of E’s. I have a minor obsession with typography, and plan to have a shelf with all of these somewhere in my house.

Then we headed back to  T’s apartment, as our friend J had finally arrived. We chatted and pissed around for another few hours, then headed to a local restaurant/bar for dinner. There was a band playing there later that we wanted to see, so we bought our tickets, at dinner, and had some beers.

Then, I got accidentally drunk.

This happens about once a year. I seem to forget how rarely I drink, and halfway through my first drink, I’m already feeling tipsy. That fact, combined with the fact that I hadn’t eaten much during the day, led me to be drunk by my 2nd beer. Then we all decided to take a shot (!?) When we went upstairs for the show, I had 2 more beers and 1/2 of my friends drink that he didn’t want. It was pleasant, though, and made standing for 4 hours more bearable. And, luckily for me, there were tons of these at the show:

The show didn’t start until 10, and there were 2 opening bands. The second opening band was awesome, and they really out-shined the headliner, who finally took the stage at about midnight. We stayed for about 3 songs, but just weren’t feeling it, so we left. Went to bed around 2 again, woke up at about 11 on Sunday.

We had talked about going to Fallingwater on Sunday, but it was rainy and cold and generally unpleasant. I wasn’t the slightest bit hungover, thankfully, because I had chugged about a quart of water before I went to bed. T made his famous french toast for breakfast, and we just hung around until about 4 when R decided we’d better hit the road. I wasn’t ready to leave, and I technically could have stayed and left with J this morning, but I decided not to prolong the inevitable. I am kind of sad now that I didn’t stick around, especially because J is moving to Austria to live with his girlfriend and I have no idea when I’ll see him next.

The drive home last night SUCKED. It was rainy and foggy and generally unpleasant.

I am one of those people who, if I am going to drive 3+ hours to go somewhere, I want to do/see/eat things that I couldn’t do/see/eat at home. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of that this weekend. But, it was good to see my friends. And it was especially nice to come home last night, for the first time after a weekend away, to my OWN house. That almost made the whole weekend worth it.


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