A lesson learned.

Here’s a tip: Don’t eat Chinese food the day before you weigh-in.

You know why? Because even if you order one of the healthiest things on the menu, it’s still packed with sodium. And that sodium will make you retain water. Which will cause you to ‘gain’ 3.6 POUNDS overnight.

This, friends, is what happened to me this morning when I went to weigh in. I had a good week food-wise, went to the gym three times for an hour each time. I thought I was good to go.

When I stepped on the scale at WW this morning, the lady looked at the scale, then up at me and said, “Are you wearing your shoes right now?” I said no. “Are you wearing heavier clothes than you normally do?” Um, no…same clothes I wear every week to weigh in.
“Did you eat anything really salty in the last day or two? Like, maybe pizza or Chinese food?”


The thing is – I hardly ever eat Chinese food. Some ladies at work normally order in on Fridays, and yesterday I just wasn’t really hungry for my frozen meal. So I ordered the ‘Vegetarian Delight’ with brown rice.

I did think about the sodium factor (I actually tried to eat as little the sauce as possible) but figured that I could flush it out of my system by the next morning if I just drank lots of water. Well, did that little plan ever backfire! I have to admit – I actually shed a few tears over it.

Even though I know it’s probably all just water weight & will be gone by tomorrow (if not already), it was just really disheartening. I don’t weigh myself during the week (I don’t even own a scale) so when I weigh in on Saturday morning I’m always excited to see the results of my hard work. Now I have to wait another whole week. Maybe I should think about buying a scale. Anyone have any suggestions about one?

I know it’s just a minor roadblock, and that those 3.6 pounds will be gone next week, plus some more. But it did teach me a valuable lesson: Salt is not your friend when you’re trying to lose weight. I never paid attention to sodium before. That’s going to change now!


2 Responses to “A lesson learned.”

  1. Becca Says:

    Don’t sweat it. Like you said, you KNOW you had a good week. The salt bloat is probably already gone!

  2. Jenn Says:

    Don’t be down! That really is so frustrating but you are going to have an AMAZING number next Saturday!! Steamed veggies and ….. water Friday night. 😉

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