Variety is the spice of life.

One of the things that I find difficult about trying to lose weight is that I find myself eating the same things, over and over again. I have a feeling that this might be pretty common among people who do Weight Watchers, as it is nice and convenient to know the points value of something before you eat it. That way, you can track as you go, rather than having to remember to look it up later or carrying an empty wrapper or container around with you so you have the calories, fat, and fiber count.

As much as I try to vary the foods I eat, I’m not very good at it. I tend to eat something for weeks (or months) at a time until I am so sick of it that I won’t touch it again for weeks (or  months). Since January, I’ve eaten a sandwich thin with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter almost EVERY DAY for breakfast. Lunch is usually a Lean Cuisine or WW frozen meal, Subway, or a grilled chicken caesar salad from McDonald’s. Snacks are yogurt, Fiber One bars, clementines, celery/carrot sticks, and popcorn. Dinner is the only time I get much variety.

I’m not a terribly picky eater, but there are certain foods that I just DO NOT like. Some of these things are:

  • Bananas. I know they are so good for you, and I really wish I liked them, but something about the smell and the consistency makes me want to barf. I’ve never liked them, but I think my aversion only intensified when I was younger and my brother would eat a banana with his mouth wide open to torture me. Ugh. The thought of it makes me shudder. (I do, however, like banana bread! Go figure.)
  • Avocado. Again, it’s a consistency thing.
  • Raw tomatoes. I can eat salsa until the cows come home. I have no problem with canned tomato products. But I cannot bear the thought of a slice of raw tomato on my sandwich or chopped up in a salad. That wet, seedy part grosses me out.
  • Raw cucumbers. HATE THEM. Can’t stand the smell or the taste.
  • Most meat. I was a vegetarian for awhile in college and I think about doing it again regularly. I stick mostly to chicken, turkey, pork, and fish – but it has to be fresh and trimmed of all fat and gristle. If I bite into something foreign – it’s all over. I can’t stand any kind of frozen meal or soup with meat in it, which seriously limits my options.

I also don’t love cheese. I know, saying that is like sacrilege to most people…but I can take it or leave it.

Why can’t I hate chocolate, or pastries? No, I have to hate things that are GOOD for you. Go figure.

Anyway, here are two things I have been eating lately in an attempt to spice up my diet:

These are SO GOOD. I first found out about Vitalicious through Hungry Girl (if you don’t get the daily e-mail, click here. It’s great.) I’ve only ever had the muffin tops, but I love them. I love that they are only 100 calories (and only 1 point for those on WW!) and I love all of the different flavors. I currently have the Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip and Apple Berry in my freezer. I’ve also tried the Raisin Bran, Golden Corn, and Multi Bran in the past. A lot of grocery stores have these in their freezer section, but the variety isn’t always very good. If you want to order, I would recommend getting them right from the web site. I will warn you, they aren’t super-cheap…but I think they’re worth it!

I have tried three different kinds of Greek yogurt now (Chobani, Oikos, and Fage) and Fage is BY FAR my favorite. This kind comes with a little container of honey attached to the yogurt for you to mix in. Holy crap…it is SO good. I added a little granola to mine, but it didn’t even really need it. It was a life-changing experience (yes, I’m being dramatic…but it WAS that good). I haven’t been able to find it everywhere, though…go figure. Next time I see it in the store, I’m buying 5 or 6 of them.

How do you mix up your diet? Or do you tend to eat the same thing over and over again?


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