Weighing in.

I got up bright and early on Saturday morning so I could go weigh in at WW. I hadn’t weighed in the week before because we were in the midst of blizzard #1. I was a little nervous about stepping on the scale because of my birthday over-indulgences and a few other missteps I had last week. I was hoping that hours of snow shoveling would be enough to save me from a gain.

I lost 3.2 over the last two weeks. I was pretty happy with that, even if it meant only a 1.6 pound average loss for the past two weeks. That takes me to an official loss of 16 pounds in 6 weeks – an average of 2.6 pounds a week.

I can really tell, too. I can’t imagine anyone else has noticed…but that’s OK. When I get out of the shower and take a look, I can see a difference. And if anyone else saw me sans clothes, they would probably be able to tell, too. But no one is seeing me sans clothes – at least not yet!

I really need to step up my game, though. I’m settling into that period where I become slightly less vigilant than I was in the beginning. I didn’t track anything I ate this weekend. I had friends in from out of town and, all things considered, I feel like I did pretty well. I’m back to tracking today.

When it came time for lunch today I was STARVING. I knew I wanted Subway, but I felt like a 6-in. wasn’t going to cut it. I normally never get a foot-long, but decided today was the day. I got a turkey on wheat – no cheese, lots of veggies, and the FF honey mustard sauce. I told myself that I’d stop after the first half and evaluate how hungry I was. Instead, I just plowed right through to the second half.

Now I’m full. And sleepy. The sub was 12 points total – not bad when you consider that a 6-in. tuna sub without cheese is 12 points. But it was too much. I let myself get too hungry, and this is what happened. It certainly could have been worse…but now I’m in a self-induced food coma.

In other news, I made The Pioneer Woman’s restaurant-style salsa this weekend. OMG. It was so, so good and really easy to make (after I figured out how to use the food processor I had borrowed from my mom). If you are a salsa fan, you need to make it ASAP.

I’m going to go try on bridesmaid dresses tomorrow (eek!) since blizzard #2 made us cancel our appointment last Tuesday. I’m just going to go in and do it, try to be confident and not make a big deal about it. Check back on Wednesday for a re-cap!


One Response to “Weighing in.”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Hope dress shopping went well! Looking forward to hearing about it!

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