I like snow, but this is getting ridiculous. Since Saturday 2/6, we have received FORTY-SEVEN INCHES of snow. It is everywhere. Work was cancelled on Wednesday (which NEVER happens) and I had to take off yesterday because my street wasn’t plowed until 10:30 a.m.

I am really not complaining because the weather has afforded me the chance to spend a lot of time inside my house, putting things away, doing laundry, and other general nesting activities. I’ve ventured out once or twice a day to shovel my driveway – I figure that since I can’t get to the gym, shoveling 20+ inches of snow is pretty good cardio.

The fact that I currently only have a radio as a form of entertainment is starting to drive me a little batty. I’m not a huge TV watcher, but I like it as background noise. Having no TV or no Internet during these blizzards has been challenging. Not eating everything in my house has also been challenging.

I’ve done well when you consider that I didn’t go buy ice cream or cookies before the second storm hit on Tuesday. I knew that if I did, they’d be gone that night. So, in that respect, I am proud of myself.

But I didn’t really track what I ate. I *think* I managed to stay within my points, but I’m not sure. It could’ve been a lot worse, but it definitely wasn’t great. I’m a bit nervous about weighing in tomorrow morning. I’d like to hope that between moving last week and all of the shoveling this week that it was enough to offset any extra calorie intake, but I’m not sure.

I know this has been a really odd week for people all over the East Coast – not just me. People are feeling claustrophobic in their own homes and no one seems to know what to do with themselves because of the snow. I’ve heard we could get another storm on Monday. I really hope we don’t. I need to get back on a regular schedule.

In another news, I’m having an impromptu get-together with my college friends this weekend. When we get together there are usually copious amounts of food – and it’s not always healthy. I’m going to do my best to make sure I make good choices. I’m going to try to make The Pioneer Woman’s Restaurant Style Salsa because I’ve been dreaming about it ever since she posted it.

Hope ya’ll are staying warm and having a good week!


One Response to “Snow-verkill.”

  1. Becca Says:

    Snow-verkill indeed! Today is the first “normal” day we’ve had since Saturday. It has been quite crazy. Sounds like you got some good exercise in with shoveling and moving/unpacking. I’m crossing my fingers for no snowstorm on Monday. Happy weekend!

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