What I’ve been eating.

I’ve been trying really hard to vary the foods I’m eating. This has proven to be more difficult than anticipated, mainly because I have tried hard to stay away from “trigger” foods (i.e. foods that I have a hard time controlling myself around, like chocolate, crackers, etc.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a lot of points (41, currently) to use throughout the day. I hardly ever use them all. Most days, I end up using between 30-36 points. I don’t want to end up using my remaining points by eating stuff that doesn’t have any kind of nutritional value. That’s what I used to do. If I’d have 5 points left, I’d eat a 2-point ice cream sandwich and then a serving of Wheat Thins. Doing this didn’t really fill me up. It was just wasting calories.

So, I’ve been looking for new, healthy snacks to try and thought I’d share my thoughts on some recent purchases. I already wrote about my experience with Greek yogurt here. (And FYI, I am in no way being compensated for “reviewing” these foods – it’s just my unsolicited opinion.)

Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bars (2 points) – These were pretty good, but SMALL. Like, 3 inches long (yes, I measured). As I was eating it, I noticed that the dark chocolate didn’t taste…well, very chocolatey. It tasted vaguely fruity, but I couldn’t place the exact flavor. I looked at the ingredients and realized my taste buds were right – the flavor I was tasting was dates. I don’t mind dates, but I guess I feel like it was kind of false advertising.

Mott’s Plus No Sugar Added Pomegranate Applesauce (1 point) – I am really loving this stuff, but then again, I am really loving pomegranates lately. (Have you ever peeled and eaten one? So fun!) I’m always wary of no sugar added stuff, but this is tart and sweet and a nice little snack.

Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks in Cherry Berry (1 point) – I’m a big fan of freeze dried fruit, so I saw this at the store and had to try it. I also bought the Orchard Blend flavor (with apples, peaches, and apricots) and the Tropical Blend (with pineapples, mangoes, bananas, and apples). So far, I’ve tried the Orchard Blend (yum!) and the Cherry Berry (apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries). The blueberries are a little weird dried, but tasty. Both flavors were really good. No preservatives – just dried fruit.

So there you go, three recent food finds. Is there anything you’ve been eating and loving? Let me know!


6 Responses to “What I’ve been eating.”

  1. Hadley Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Erin!

    I’ve never done WW, but is there any rule that says you have to eat all your points? I’m inclined to think if you’re full, there’s no need to force yourself to eat anything else, as long as you’re getting a reasonable amount of food. (1200 calories is what lots of things say for “starvation mode.”)

    My current food love right now is pistachios. For 150 calories, I can eat almost half a cup of them, and because of the cracking it takes so long that it feels like I’m getting a ton of food.

    • Erin Says:

      Thanks for the comment Hadley. With WW, there isn’t a rule that you HAVE to eat all of your points. And I totally agree with you – there is no sense is eating once you’re full just because you have the points left. Most people have no problem eating all of their points in a day. For example, when I hit my goal weight, I’ll have only 24 points a day, plus an extra 35 points a week to use as I please (right now, I don’t even touch those 35 points.) Plus, you can earn activity points for exercise. I don’t use those either, but once I have fewer points, I’ll probably be more inclined!

  2. Becca Says:

    I’m a big fan of granola with yogurt, and Trader Joe’s makes an AWESOME pumpkin granola that is really good with vanilla or honey greek yogurt.

    • Erin Says:

      Oh, Trader Joe’s! I miss that place so much. I used to shop there all the time when I lived in the DC area. Want to send me some granola? 🙂 J/K

  3. Becca Says:

    I should 🙂

    Where did you live in the DC area? I just moved to Alexandria in August. I LOVEEE it here.

    • Erin Says:

      I worked in Rockville, MD for about 4 years and lived all over the place (Gaithersburg, Burtonsville, Silver Spring). I liked living down there but it was just SO EXPENSIVE! Alexandria is a great place!

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