And now for something completely different.

I really wasn’t planning on making this blog all about my weight, since there is certainly more going on in my life than that. So, I’m going to take a break from that for a minute.

If you’ve read this you know that among the thunderstorm of shit that rained down upon me in 2009, there was one highlight – I bought my first house! Here it is:

I saw the house in the paper on a Sunday, called the Realtor I had casually been working with, and went to see it the same day. It needed A LOT of work/updating, but I saw a ton of potential. I went back on Tuesday to look at it again, then decided to make an offer. By Thursday, May 21 my offer had been accepted. I bought a house in five days.

The process of securing a mortgage and whatnot was so stressful, I won’t even go into it. Suffice to say that I was anxious to get started and ended up closing on the house on June 23 – a little over a month after my offer had been accepted. That kind of timeline is almost unheard of.

My happiness and excitement over the house was (very) short-lived. As I wrote before, about two hours after my closing we found out that my aunt and uncle were killed in the DC Metro crash. Life just stopped as we tried to comprehend what had happened and how we were going to move forward.

Needless to say, it took a little while for us to start working on the house. I spent every weekend in July ripping out 20+ year old carpet and padding, removing tack strips and staples. Then the bathroom was gutted (except for the tub and shower – both were in pretty good shape) and the carpet (yes, carpet in the bathroom) was removed.

Same thing in the kitchen (yep, more carpet). Countertops were removed, cabinet doors were removed to be painted, wallpaper was removed.

Then my dad and his friends installed a new furnace. I got a new garage door and a new back door in my basement. I painted every room. Most recently, I refinished my hardwood floors.

(A word of advice: Never refinish your own hardwood floors unless you are a masochist. They turned out beautifully, but goddamn were they a pain in the ass to do.)

I have spent every weekend and at least three nights a week at the house since October. Earlier this month, I picked out the granite for my countertops and they are being installed on the 29th. I’m going to move in two days before my 28th birthday.

Here’s where things stand now:


What we’ve done: Removed old cabinetry, removed old vanity, removed old toilet. Installed wainscoting to cover holes in the wall from old built-in medicine cabinets, patched walls, painted walls with Sherwin Williams ‘Latte’, placed new vanity.

Still to do: install toilet, install new light fixture above sink, finish sink plumbing, install new shower curtain rod and new showerhead.


What we’ve done: Removed old carpet, removed old tile underneath carpet, laid new subfloor. Removed cabinet doors, repainted with Behr ‘Ivory Lace.’ Removed old sink, countertops, stove, and ancient microwave (seriously…it was at least 40 years old). Removed wallpaper. Installed wainscoting over top of old plastic tiles on wall. Purchased new appliances (gas range, microwave, dishwasher).

Still to do: Install dishwasher, run gas line for new stove. Paint cabinet frames, replace cabinet doors with new hinges and handles. Lay vinyl tile on floor, paint walls and wainscoting.

The kitchen is the least far along and may not be done by the time I move in, but I’m OK with that. I once lived in an apartment without a kitchen at all for over a year (a tale for another day). All of the other rooms have been painted and we’re currently working on painting trim (yuck). I am repainting my bedroom because the original color I chose (Sherwin Williams ‘Rainwashed’) ended up looking baby blue on my walls instead of a nice green/gray color.

Once all is said and done, I will take pictures with an actual camera and NOT my iPhone. Hope I haven’t bored ya’ll!


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