Constant cravings.

It’s the week before my period, and I’m really freaking hungry. Some women don’t get that ravenous feeling until just a day or two before, or else they feel that way DURING their period. And some are lucky enough not to feel it at all.

I am not one of those people. In the week before my period, I go into all-out starvation mode. I am hungry all the time. And, of course, I’m not craving salads and lean protein. I’m craving all of the crap that I’m not eating anymore. The fast food, the chocolate, the baked goods.

In the past, I succumbed to my cravings. They were so strong, so all-encompassing…and I was so weak. Resistance seemed futile. I didn’t feel like fighting it. I think back to this time in months past and shudder to think about how many calories I was consuming in an attempt to fill my bottomless pit.

Today is the first day I’ve really struggled since I started this new lifestyle. I knew it was going to become more challenging around PMS-time. When lunchtime rolled around, I debated what to do. Yes, I had some frozen meals in the freezer at work. Yes, I brought a small salad from home. Yes, McDonald’s sounded really, really good.

So I checked out the nutrition facts on some of my old go-to items. Filet O’ Fish sandwich = 9 points. Medium fry = 8 points. That would 17 points for lunch alone. Granted, I’d only eaten 12 points up until lunch time, but still…17 points is A LOT of points.

I had to sit at my desk and have a debate in my head. “Just go to the lunchroom, pick a meal, put it in the microwave, and shut up.” “But McDonald’s would taste so good…and you’ve been eating really well, surely one lunch couldn’t hurt…” “GO TO THE LUNCHROOM AND COOK YOUR GODDAMN LEAN CUISINE ALREADY!”

Today, I listened. Did I want a frozen meal and a salad? Nope. But did it fill my stomach? Yep. I ended up eating a 6 point lunch. Sure, that fish sandwich and those fries would have tasted good…but by now, they’d be long done and I’d be filled with nothing but regret (yes, I know how dramatic that sounded, but I couldn’t help it).

Today, I fought the battle and won. I know there will be future battles to fight; battles that are going to be harder than today’s. My hope is that every time I win the battle, it will be a little bit easier to fight the next.

How do you deal with your cravings?


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