It’s all Greek to me.

So, I just tried Greek yogurt for the first time. I had been reading a lot about it and when I saw it on the shelf at the grocery store last night, I thought I’d try it. I bought two kinds: honey and peach.

I had also bought some new Special K low-fat granola and decided to pair the two together for my mid-morning snack. The therapist I’m working with on my eating issues has insisted that I eat three meals and two snacks a day so that I don’t get too hungry and am therefore less likely to binge. This requires planning on my part, which I’ve never been good at (at least when it comes to food) and so I’m constantly looking for new things to try so I don’t get sick of one particular food item.

Which brings us back to the Greek yogurt. I wanted to try the honey flavor first because I thought it sounded like it would be good with the granola.

The thing is…I don’t particularly like yogurt. I can eat it because I know its good for you, with the probiotics and the live active cultures and the calcium and whatnot, but I just don’t always love the flavor or the consistency.

So I mixed the granola into the yogurt and took a bite. It was…tangy. I thought it might have more of a sweetness because of the honey, but truth be told, I couldn’t taste the honey at all. But it had a nice, thick consistency, and the taste wasn’t bad. For the yogurt and the granola, it was a 6 point snack. That probably seems like a lot of points to use on a snack, but when you weigh as much as I do, you get a lot of points (42 in a day). I never end up eating them all.

Greek yogurt wasn’t a food revelation, but it was pretty good, and it filled me up. I am really getting into the idea of choosing healthy and different foods instead of the terrible processed and sugar-laden foods I had been eating. I swear that I already feel better and that my skin is clearer after only a week off of the bad stuff.


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